Couples Therapy Gauteng

Obtain Professional Couple’s Therapy in Gauteng

When a relationship starts experiencing problems many of us consider throwing in the towel. If it wasn’t for the fact that many love each other despite difficulties, there would probably be more broken marriages and relationships. Where there is love and mutual respect, couples therapy can assist. If you are looking for couple’s therapy in Gauteng then Kobus Coetzee is just the psychologist to help.

Kobus Coetzee is a qualified and experienced psychologist offering his couples therapy in Gauteng at an affordable rate. While undergoing this type of therapy you can expect to take a close look at important issues within your relationship with the help of an unbiased professional. You will discuss issues and feelings on both a couple’s level and a personal level. The couple’s therapy program focuses on helping couples to find mutual respect and understanding for each other. You will also be taught how to develop effective and open communication skills and make use of different problem solving strategies. Understanding the importance of expressing your needs effectively will also be explored. Kobus will help you to grow together as a unit and discover a shared vision. Looking to your future together is something you can expect to achieve after going through couple’s counselling.

The main aim of couples therapy is to assist the couple in identifying issues in the relationship and find a way of working on them so that both parties can be satisfied. You should be able to set realistic boundaries for your relationship and deal with struggles and confrontations in a more constructive manner. Sharing common goals and having a loving and caring relationship is absolutely essential if you want your relationship to be a success.

Take the time to work on your relationship with a little assistance from a professional. Contact Kobus Coetzee and chat to him about obtaining couples therapy in Gauteng with him today.