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Book a Session with a Professional Clinical Psychologist in Gauteng Clinical psychology is all about

Book a Session with a Professional Clinical Psychologist in Gauteng

Clinical psychology is all about assisting individuals to develop and adapt to their current situations. This particular type of psychology merges a combination of science, theory and practice which is then used to understand the patient and to predict and alleviate discomfort, disability and often maladjustment. One clinical psychologist in Gauteng, Kobus Coetzee, has dedicated his life to assisting people in this very way.

Clinical psychology focuses on the following aspects of human functioning:

  • Psychological behaviour
  • Social behaviour
  • Intellectual behaviour
  • Emotional behaviour
  • Biological behaviour

This is all focused on while taking into account an individual’s culture and socioeconomic situation. Of course not just anyone can sit down and decide to be a clinical psychologist for the day. These psychologists are trained and educated and must dedicate a large portion of their life to the study of humans and their behaviour patterns and reactions. Kobus Coetzee is a clinical psychologist in Gauteng that has specialist training in psychotherapy. Of course as a clinical psychologist he is not a medical doctor and will not prescribe medication, but rather takes the time to listen to the patient’s needs and problems and uses the skill of conversation and encouragement to assist them to face certain issues, and grow in all areas of their lives.

You can expect Kobus Coetzee to assist you with understanding and making adjustments to your current thoughts, reactions and feelings in order to get different, and more positive results. He will be able to assist you with the smallest issues to the most complex issues as he takes the time to communicate clearly with you and make all the relevant assessments.

If you are looking for a clinical psychologist in Gauteng then contact Kobus Coetzee or visit his website for more information. Here you are bound to find a solution and assistance to all your psychological concerns.

Dr JC Coetzee
Author: Dr JC Coetzee