Forensic Psychology

Dr JC Coetzee is a registered Clinical Psychologist in Centurion specializing in the Psycho Legal/ Forensic Psychological Assessment field. He is experienced in Psycho Legal assessments, court testimony and round table discussions with family advocates. He also offer psychological treatment and rehabilitation for inmates or parolees in the Forensic Psychology context.

Dr Coetzee applies an assessment process in Psycho Legal/ Forensic Psychological Assessment that is designed to help us answer questions about the possible nature and causes of psychological problems or psychological distress that a client may be currently experiencing or have experienced in the past. The focus is not on clinical psychological treatment but rather on gaining a clinical psychological understanding of a person, making a psychological diagnosis or determining the client’s psychological functioning at a certain point in time.

The psychological assessment process in Forensic Psychology usually involves two parts that requires the client’s participation; part one comprises of a structured forensic psychological interview, which normally takes between one and three hours, and part two involves the administration of forensic psychological testing, which normally takes from three to five hours. The times vary depending on how much information the client has to share, and the complexity of the psychological areas being assessed. Usually we will also need to review a client’s medical and or psychological records (other forensic reports, including other forensic psychological reports) or any other documentation that contains important information relevant to the case. We may also need to gather information from other people who have known the client well in order to gain collateral information. We may also need to conduct research on the current state of scientific psychological opinion on the matter at hand. This will enable us to form a psychological opinion based on the four pillars of sound forensic psychological assessment and opinion.

After the Psycho Legal Assessment has been completed a Forensic Psychological Report will be written by the Clinical Psychologist involved. This report will then be sent to the client. The Forensic Psychological Report may then be handed in during court proceedings as evidence pertaining to the matter at hand.

The process follows these stages. First you email a referral letter to us stating a summary of the case and the exact nature of the forensic psychological investigation required. Then we will reply with a quote for the requested forensic services, if the quote is accepted we can set up the appointments for the forensic psychological interviews and assessment. Thereafter a forensic psychological report is written and on settlement of the account the report is sent to the referring party. If requested to we can appear in court to give expert witness testimony. This service will however be billed separately.

The Forensic Psychology Process

After downloading the referral form here email the form to the practice by clicking here for a quotation for a Psycho Legal Assessment and report.

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Dr JC Coetzee Christian Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Centurion, Midstream, Midrand, Pretoria.