How to achieve your goals

We all have some personal and professional goals we want to achieve each year. However we often find that by the end of the year we did not achieve those goals or maybe only achieved some of them. Lets look from a psychological perspective at some principles that can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

1st Principle: Clearly define the goals you want to achieve.

2nd Principle: Phrase the goal as a measurable.

3rd Principle: Is the goal achievable, within your means?

4th Principle: Brake the goal down in shorter time frames.

5th Principle: When do I want to achieve the goal?

6th Principle: How will I know if I achieved the goal?

7th Principle: How does this goal fit in with the bigger picture of my life?

8th Principle: What is my reward for achieving the goal?

9th Principle: How do I sustain that which I have achieved?

These principles on how to achieve your personal and professional goal my guide you on your mission. However inevitably obstacles and challenges will interfere with your mission to achieve your goals. It is of paramount importance that you get the psychology behind achieving your goals right. You may need some assistance by a professional psychologist to help you achieve your goals and get your mind in the best state possible to do so. You can email me to set up an appointment to help you achieve your personal and professional goals by overcoming the obstacles and challenges that interfere with achieving your goals.

Dr JC Coetzee
Author: Dr JC Coetzee