Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Conditions for Online Therapy and Counselling

Online therapy has many benefits but also pose certain risks. It is important that before you engage in online therapy or online counselling that you make yourself aware of the conditions associated with online therapy and online counselling.

Please familiarize yourself with the information below as this sets out the conditions to our online therapy work together.

Online Therapy and Counselling via Zoom

Online video therapy sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Zoom is an online video conferencing platform that can be downloaded free of charge at it is used worldwide as a platform for online therapy and counselling. You will need access to Zoom on your computer and set up a username before online therapy can commence. Zoom conversations are encrypted. You will need to be ready to connect at the agreed time for our online therapy sessions. You will receive an invitation to the Zoom online therapy sessions via email. I will contact you at the start of each session. If we have agreed to more than one session, then a time for the next online therapy session will be either made at the end of the conducted session or can be scheduled as a recurring online therapy appointment.

Please ensure that you test your microphone and video before the online therapy sessions and that your microphone and video is on during the consultation. Also test your connectivity, audio and video before the online therapy session starts. Please also take note that the consultation is automatically recorded and is stored for record purposes. You also have the option of recording the online therapy consultations, but permission have to be granted from the host of the online therapy session. Bear in mind that recorded online therapy sessions are stored on your device and takes up a large amount of storage space.

Late or Missed Online Therapy Sessions

If you do not connect at the scheduled online therapy session time or cancel the online therapy session with less than 8 hours’ notice you will forfeit the prepaid session fee. Your account will automatically be suspended on the booking system and a R 500.00 administration fee will be charged to reactivate your account to book future appointments.

Online Therapy Session Fees

Prepaid sessions:

40-50 minutes sessions = R 900.00

5 sessions 40-50 min prepaid online therapy package at R 4000.00

An invoice will be sent via email for the scheduled online therapy sessions. Payment needs to occur before the date of the online therapy session to secure and confirm the online therapy appointment. Alternatively, you can make use of the PayPal links on the website to make payment for the individual online therapy sessions or the 5 sessions online therapy package.

Medical Aid Clients

For medical aid clients the online therapy sessions will be by default 50-60 minutes in duration unless otherwise requested. Online therapy sessions will be billed at the prescribed medical aid rate. The practice will claim from your medical aid.

Attending Online Therapy Sessions

I work with all clients online in a professional and ethical manner. I ask that you do not attend online therapy sessions under the influence of alcohol or drugs and ask you to dress appropriately for Zoom (face to face) online therapy sessions.

Online Therapy Session Times and Personal Space

Your online therapy session times are important, and this is your “space”. Being prepared for the online therapy sessions is an important part of online therapy. Pay attention to the assignments and tasks emailed to you between sessions. Ensuring that you are comfortable, having a safe, quiet and private space to work from is important and having a pen and paper for you to make notes etc. can be useful.

I may also send you notes on the chat option on Zoom. You can save the chat record after the session and use it as notes to reflect on until the next session. It is also important to be able to give yourself a bit of time and space after each online therapy session. Online therapy uses energy and can bring up a host of emotions. Ensuring you have some time after a session forms part of healthy self-care.

Duration of Online Therapy Sessions

The duration of the online therapy sessions will be according to the option you chose. Either 40-50 min or 50- 60 min in duration. Please respect and adhere to the allocated time limits for each session.

Email Support

In between sessions psychological support may be provided via email. This will be limited to 2-3 emails between sessions. From time to time certain assignments and tasks related to the therapy process will be emailed to the client. It is important that these tasks and assignments are completed as noted on the emails as it will have a bearing on the outcome of the therapy process.

Technical Difficulties

If technical difficulties are experienced, for example computer or internet breakdown we will undertake to contact each other via text (SMS) message or phone call so that an alternative session can be made. Please kindly ensure that you have a stable internet connection before engaging in online therapy.

Online Therapy is Confidential

I will ensure that all information is kept safe and protected. I ask that you do the same. It is not appropriate to post/share onto social networks/forums any written correspondence or video recordings between us from our online therapy work together.

Computer Privacy, Safety and Data Protection

When working online in online therapy it is important to maintain security through reasonable measures to ensure confidentiality and safe working procedures. Firewall and Antivirus are important security measures  – these can be installed to protect your software and hardware from third parties or viruses. Please ensure the device you are using for online therapy is safe and that no one else has access to it.

In Case of an Emergency

In case of emergency and if you have any suicidal or self-harming thoughts, please contact me immediately. If I am not be available, please contact your closest medical facility.

If you have any uncertainty or would like me to clarify any concerns regarding online therapy and online counselling please contact me via email.

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