Psychological Services

Psychology Services

Clinical Psychologist Dr JC Coetzee offers the following psychology services:

Remote Online Video Counselling/ Therapy Sessions

Online Psychologist – Online Video Counselling/ Therapy Sessions.
Email me to set up a Remote Video session via Zoom. Include in the email your time zone as well as suitable times for Zoom sessions. Video sessions are charged at R 1050.00 per 40 to 50 min session. Video sessions are prepaid and appointments are confirmed when proof of payment is received via email.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an evidence based treatment that focusses on how cognitions and behaviour influences how we feel. This approach also recognise the physiological manifestation of emotions. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy identifies and challenges cognitive distortions that keep us in maladaptive behavioural and cognitive patterns.

Christian Counselling

I offer counselling from a Christian Perspective.

Individual Psychotherapy/ Psychology

Individual psychotherapy aims to address the main psychology concerns of clients as they experience them in day-to-day living.

These concerns may be experienced at a personal or interpersonal level. Focus areas include:

  • Exploring a clients past experience and developing an understanding of how that impacts their present state of mind. (Past Psychology)
  • Discovering the potential inherent in the client to address the current issues at hand. (Present Psychology)
  • To apply the clients inherent potential to successfully overcome difficulties and direct their lives in a meaningful way. (Future Psychology)
  • Developing meaningful interpersonal relationships.

Marital Therapy / Couples Counselling (Couples Psychology)

The aim of marital therapy and couples counselling is to establish effective ways of dealing with conflicts in a relationship (Couples Psychology) whilst developing certain principles to form the basis of the relationship.

These principles include:

  • Mutual Understanding
  • Effective communication
  • Common vision
  • Collaborative growth

Adolescent Psychology/ Teen Therapy

Adolescent psychology or teen therapy aims to help a teenager understand their experiences as they move through adolescence. Once they have developed a better understanding of what they are experiencing they can develop effective ways of coping with these experiences. The challenge is to develop a sense of identity and focus in life amidst the chaos often experienced during adolescence.

Email Dr JC Coetzee to schedule an appointment and discuss your concerns in person. Online Psychologist – Online Video Counselling/ Therapy Sessions.