Three Spheres of Relationships

 The Three Spheres of a Couple’s Relationship

Three Spheres of Existence in a Couples Relationship

Within any relationship between two people there exists three spheres of existence. They are the My Space the Your Space and the Our Space.

To assess the a couple’s relationship they should be able to list the dimensions present in their life under these three Spheres of Existence. It is of utmost importance that a couple maintain a balance between these Spheres of Existence within their relationship. There should be a healthy number of dimensions within each Sphere of Existence for the couple to ensure their own personal growth as well as the growth of the couple. 

As an exercise to strenghten a couple’s relationship they can assess their relationship according to these Speres of Existence. The can then discuss how their relationship currently looks and how much they share with each other and how much of their existence falls within their own space or the My Space.