What is Psychotherapy?

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What is Psychotherapy?


What happens in Psychotherapy  

We begin the process of therapy by delineating your problem and setting goals. We then explore your frustrations and unhappiness, and go into the reasons for the failure of your past and present coping strategies. We then proceed into self-exploration and self-knowledge sometimes with the help of self-administered questionnaires or computer-scored standardized psychological tests. Psychotherapy is an exploratory, educational and transformational experience with you being both the subject and object of study and change. Many centuries ago, the Delphic Oracle put it: “Know Thyself.”

Self-knowledge includes understanding how your early experiences in life at home, school, and social relationships affected your growth and development, and how personal traits and needs interacted with the total social environment to help shape your personality. But self-knowledge is only the first step. Psychotherapy also involves change and transformation. Admittedly, it is hard to rethink one’s philosophy, forsake old habits and patterns –and sometimes ties. It takes courage to develop a different self-concept, forge ahead into new unexplored areas and experience new ways of thinking and behavior. People seek out therapy when they are unhappy with their lives. No psychologist will guarantee you happiness, but with therapy the possibilities for self-realization are increased and the rewards can be immensely fulfilling.

Individuals enter psychotherapy for still other reasons. These include emotions, thoughts, or behaviors that interfere with self-realization in personal or professional settings. These disorders may also include feelings of despair or depression, hopelessness, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, loneliness, social inhibitions, phobias, post traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive ideation or behavior, sexual problems, drinking problems, chronic low self esteem, lack of self assertion, etc.. I am very experienced in helping individuals with these problems and will bring to the fore my multivariate training to help you find resolution to your difficulties.  Although there is no guarantee that psychotherapy will help everybody, many studies have shown that psychotherapy has been successful in transforming people’s lives.