Who might benefit from Psychotherapy

Although the above mentioned categories are described below as discrete entities, in fact, a flexible therapist understands that there is often an overlap between one category and another, and will adjust his approach in helping each person as the situation requires.

At times, you find yourself stymied in life, chronically frustrated in your failure to pursue or achieve your goals. Or you may notice a series of events in your life that spell out an unhealthy pattern such as in male/female relationships, or repetitive self-defeating behaviors. You ask yourself: Why haven’t I reached my acknowledged goals or style of life, or why am I not even on the path that I wish to pursue? Why am I repeating old patterns knowing all the while that they are getting me nowhere? You might have already concluded that there is a need for changes in your thinking, emotional attitudes, view of self and others, view of life in general, and for changes in behavior including with whom you associate and how your time is spent. Whatever coping attempts you have been made in the past may have helped somewhat but have failed to solve the problem.  You know that you need professional help.